Friday, February 6, 2009

My Funny Valentine

February calls for red, does it not?....time to snap out of my winter doldrums and start posting....

All you single ladies, all you single ladies....have I got some good men for you!!

Bachelor Number 1:

 says this guy "does what ought to be done"......Snatch this one! He does housework!

Bachelor Number 2:

I don't know....I'm thinking this guy is going to be at work all the time....he does have that old movie star look though, I think it's that mustache!...or was that drawn on with a Sharpie marker?

Last but certainly not least...

Bachelor Number 3:

Oh my gosh girls it Rhett Butler!!!.....this guy is sure to bring on a sudden need for a large cold drink....a regular hip cat in a zoot suit but not a wolff, girls....he wants to be with you for always! 

Who would you choose?

Happy Valentines Day!

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