Friday, February 20, 2009

Lessons learned on a wee baby bib

Nothing irritates me more than when I can't do I end up spending (wasting) a lot of time trying to figure something out that I can't do. Like knitting......enter one wee baby bib...the pattern by Leigh Radford, called the Petal Bib in her book One Skein.
Now the problem occurred when it came time to start the short rows....not the wrapping of them but when it came time to purl the wraps that were made. So I went on my merry way thinking I knew what i was doing.....are you kidding? Do I ever really know what I'm doing? Of course after I had finished the section on the short rows, I knew by looking that I had made some serious mistake. Too serious for a pseudo perfectionist. Short row failure!!!!......I love the fact that I can usually find someone out there in cyberland who has gone where other knitters have gone before but is terribly kind enough to straighten it out for the rest of us. So searching through Ravelry I came upon a member who had done exactly what I had done with those darn purl wraps...she so nicely pointed to a website that cleared the matter of my short row failure all up....
Thank you missfaith of The Bunkers and thank you KnitPicks : )
The bib went to a teacher at middle princesses school who is expecting.........

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