Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New CD out!

Like Oh MY GOSH....a new CD I can't wait to go get! Cmon old people of the 80's ...think valley girl here!

James Taylor (here's where my girls go OH NO!) has released a new CD entitled "Covers". He recorded it in a converted barn in Massachusetts. It consists of cover songs from various artists, songs he said he has done live in his concerts....I went over to Amazon to get a feel for it. I like it....yes I do...I may be a geeky ol' Mom but I think I can't wait to pick this up and get my soulful groove on.....and I will drive them crazy around here. This is when a Mom gets payback time..for all the stuff they make me listen to in the morning that I don't like!! Woo Hoo....and I boy do I love to sing!

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