Friday, September 12, 2008

Lenie launched!

Lenie launched her blog...I am so proud! It made me smile....go visit her page. She promises to write more....I know she will because I will leave comments if not...ha ha...

Our kids are such computer troopers...they will boldly go where all teens have gone before...and probably places we don't want them to also! They have grown up with the computer. We parents on the other hand are more timid. There is a computer phobia linked with doing things like setting up a Facebook profile (you know who you are) or setting up a blog. Let today be the day you break free from your bonds of fear! Be a pioneer...forge ahead! If you know me, than you know I am laughing with this.....although there is a lot of truth. I know that I waited a long time. It's not can do it. Besides if all else fails, grab a teen!

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