Thursday, October 9, 2008

First up...hyper poodles!

Ok..I have a few things to write about if I can get the wireless keyboard to cooperate here....I have some things to catch up on but I can't seem to get the time in and I can't stay awake at night like some do burning that midnight oil...

Last week the poodles had the biggest hyperactivity going on...there was a raccoon in the yard...I know I need not say more and you can imagine the wild gleam of sheer delight in a dog's eyes. Roxie was all about being the hunter dog...Ralphie was all about being goofy! In the early morning I let Roxie out and the coon met her out in the yard....when I realized why she was barking I quickly tried to get her in before the neighbors would want to shoot I had to parade out in my robe to get her because she wasn't about to come in. The coon went on....Ralphie goes out and is clueless....Later that day I let them out and then I heard their commotion....if dogs could whoop, then they were whooping. The coon was in the neighbor's yard in a low tree right next to the fence. Here are the pictures...can you sense the drama? I know I did...
"Look Mom,'s Ricky raccoon...can I have him?...huh?...huh?" -run in circles barking with a high pitched hysteria.
Roxie- "Oh yeah? Well I'm gonna make a pie out of ya"- snarl and growl here.
Ralphie- "Yeah, what she said..." pant here.

Ricky taunts from his low branch calling them things like "sissy poodle", and "where'd you get that perm?".....squeaky coon noise here.

Ralphie is worn to a frazzle from whooping too much!
Roxie is speechless...
They stay like this for awhile, trying to jump the woodpile, sending 'all dog alerts' and answering to their 'call of the wild'....Ricky go home!

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Rob said...

Now that feller in the tree ain't running for public office, is he?

Just wanderin' and I'm always SO CONFUSED..

"Hope is not a Strategy"