Monday, August 25, 2008

Queen Princess Returns to School

Off we were on Saturday...3 1/2 hours down....returning Queen princess back to college....2 vehicles packed to the gills. She took a love seat back, one that we have had since she was about 2. When she was little we called it the Ree Ree couch. If she looks under the seat cushions, she can probably see the stains that wouldn't come out where she hid ice cream bars or other sneakables...."hurry, hide it under the sofa, Mom won't know!" Lots of good memories on that love seat! It brings a few kitty hairs I'm sure also, to remind her of her beloved boys waiting for her back home...
She is living in the dorms again this year. It is school rules that they live in the dorms until the age of 21. For a change, she moved to a different dorm than last year. I was wondering if the rooms were a little smaller but this one has a sink in the room which is nice and the partition you see in the middle of the room.

She was ready to get back.....but why is this girl wearing an OU shirt when she doesn't go there? Good she got asked all day, even by a guy at the Wal Mart. It'll be one of the grand mysteries of life I guess! Send her an email and ask her!

We got the bed made up...favorite blankie and other bedding safely made it in space bags....try one sometimes for your bedding...worked like a charm.

Here is the closet....this really took me back....seems like only yesterday that I was trying to fit my entire life in an itsy bitsy closet. What fun!

Here she is in front of the dorm as we were leaving....I think I was sadder this year than last. She is growing up and maturing in a good way. We are proud parents. On the way home we had to stop at the Dairy Queen for a little comfort ice cream....besides the 6 half gallons of Blue Bell ice cream that we packed in the cooler from the Wal Mart!

On a knitting note, I started these socks on vacation and I was making them for myself but Queen princess kept asking for them so I decided to pack them for her in a box full of other randomness and on the box I wrote "open when you miss me realll baaaadd"!! The yarn I used is Cascade Fixation...the pattern I used is from this site:

Check out her blog and also her yarn store. I plan on visiting more when I get some surf time. Seems like a nice site....

I did a different heel than the pattern, eye of partridge, and made a few minor mistakes...I learned that if you make a mistake on one, you make sure you make it on the other so they match!

I knit them up and didn't even have time to block them and then stuck a silly label on them...

What can be better than a crazy pair of pink socks to remind her of her crazy Mama!!


marietard2011 said...

Hannah wants to know why you didn't write anything about her! haha.

Karen said...

I was going to but Princess Hannah was at work!!