Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look What I've Been Having For Breakfast!

At this time of the summer, when it is getting unbearable hot and humid here in St. Louis, I get up early to go check on the garden and do maintenance on the tomatoes.....The blackberries are just starting to come in around least mine are. I got my net on them late so some of them have been pecked, but I soon took care of that! No birds are usually harmed in the netting! I think one usually gets caught and I send the Mister out there to rescue it...yeah, I'm a big baby....It always makes me think of the story of Peter Rabbit and how he sneaks into Mr. McGregor's garden and gets caught in a gooseberry net.

Don't remember the story?....Go here to

It's an online storybook of sorts with pictures and all......poor Peter, if he hadn't of been wearing that snazzy jacket he wouldn't have gotten caught in the net!

Here are my blackberries....they went right in my mouth....a little tart but good...I like to take them inside too and dip them in the sugar bowl first....warm berries and sugar, you can't beat it! Here is a pic of the whole's not huge but it can grow enough for us....The blackberries are across the back and right side. The rest is mainly different varieties of heirloom tomatoes I am trying out. Cucumbers are grown on the left side, along with some okra, and the raspberries are along the front right. I will take better pictures later.....

Right now, I just have blackberries in my basket!

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