Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teens: You can't live with'm, you can't live without'm!

Middle princess went off to camp yesterday at the crack of dawn.....she was ready to go; I was ready for her to go. Teenage girls get so mouthy and sassy that Moms of them need a break from them once in awhile. It had been especially tense over the weekend with one of the other sisters...probably the one that was getting more attention since she got her wisdom teeth pulled out and was getting star queen treatment. So the princess whisked out of the house Monday morning with me (picture me with an imaginary broom) sweeping her out. (This is also a glance at the new refrigerator in place by the way...sort of looks like there must be a disco strobe in the room. It is so groovy over here!)

This is said princess and one of her closest friends.

She doesn't like me taking the pictures and of course while I was taking them she was saying, "She's going to run in and put them on her blog"......

Now that it's day 2 after she has gone, I am starting to miss her....My mother in law always says that the reason that God makes babies so cute and wonderful is because that way you get attached to them and don't throw them out when they are teens....she is so right!.....they are forever your baby and you always love them....we as Moms of teens just need that space once in awhile to remind us of that. So darling middle princess, if you are reading this because you are on your ipod when you are not supposed to be....You are a gift. I miss you and love you and we will see you Friday when we pick you up to go on vacation!

Ta Ta......


Rob said...

Are these girls retarded? What is wrong with them? Are they gonna be OK some day? Will they vote for Barak?

Karen said...

They are teens