Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Couple of Things

In the last post we see our heroine suffering from strange highs induced by what she thought was pesticides....oh no... it was just from a new doctor prescribed drug! It happened again the very next day precisely 40 minutes prior to taking doctor put me on progesterone for female stuff (what we girls go through!!!) Since our body makes this drug the doc didn't know why this would do this to me but doing a little searching on the Internet led me to a site where others had listed the same side effects. Like wow, I didn't have to buy drugs off the street, I can just take this one.....just kidding!! I started taking it at night with a full stomach and have not been bothered since. Enough!

Now for what I think is some cuteness....this is Roxie the red standard poodle diva. Youngest daughter decided that after Roxie got groomed she needed her paw-nails prettied matches her pink plaid collar....she is stylin now! I love how she sits on her tail...protecting things!

Here is a closeup!

Ta Ta for now!

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