Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One of those days!

The day started out as usual....get up, have some coffee, etc....I went out to check on the garden and thought I would spray the tomatoes with some 'garden safe' spray...made from pyrethrins.....there was evidence of some kind of pest......I was talking to my mom on the phone while I was spraying. So I came inside about 10 minutes later and got hit with a lightheaded spell that phased into what felt like a drug high or a drunken stupor?....I still knew my name and what day it was so I didn't panic....I kept thinking it was just a spell and would go away but it kept on so I called my doc and he said to go into the emergency room....oh no!...really?! ...can't I just go to the urgent care?...no, go to the emergency room....Luckily daughter 1 came home right when all this was going on and she took me....I took my garden spray with me. I only had to wait in the waiting area for about 2 1/2 hours....at times like those I picture myself loosing it and running through the halls screaming...that would get things moving. Really, I felt like it was a waste of time...what was I doing there? Because in 2 1/2 hours any weird feelings are going to wear off!!! We watched stupid celebrity gossip shows that were on the TV.....wish I had brought my knitting....we watched Tyra....wish I had brought my knitting....When I was thinking of sneaking out the nurse called my name....The doc came in later...they had called poison control to chit chat with them about it. Poison control could not see why this would bother me...it contained all household type ingredients.....then why did it say on the label...'in case of inhalation'...'call poison control if"......I ended up being there 5 hours...they checked my blood. I was just dandy....I felt stupid.

Anyone ever have any problems like this with household chemicals or pesticides?

I guess I should just rejoice that there was nothing wrong and just chalk it up to 'just one of those days'....

I would like to close with this picture....what does it remind you of? Makes me think of chocolate and I'm going to go have some!

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