Thursday, April 23, 2009

So I'm a little slow!

Better late than never I like to are the pictures I took at the SBU Chorale tour while they were in Steelville, Mo at the Baptist church there. We were wowed by the choir, warmed by the pastor and his congregation....a good time was had by all! This was back at the beginning of March.

Thank you girls, thank you SBU Chorale for using your wonderful talents for God! We were blessed in ways that I'm sure you don't realize....

The Mom

PS...whenever my daughter shows me how to transfer the video to a dvd, I'll get that done!


Marie Ashleigh Phillips said...

You could ask dad...he knows more about that kinda stuff than me...

Karen said... who?...there is some man that checks in at night to eat and sleep!...haha!