Thursday, December 6, 2012


Take two....posting from my phone didn't work...not sure why.  The text didn't show up. I posted pictures of my two Singer style boxes...or puzzle boxes they are called now...I aquired one yesterday when I went and picked up my birthday present from my husband that I picked out.  An ad on Craigslist.  I will show and tell later. Perhaps I should wait until my birthday.  One of the attachment boxes was thrown in with what I bought even though it doesn't go with the birthday item.  The worse for wear box on the left I had.  My plan is to make one good one out of the two.  The second picture is of some of the attachments sitting in Evaporust, a wonderful product I wish I would have know about a long time ago. I will leave them in there until tomorrow most likely. The stuff's awesome! I wish our sewing things made today were so fancy.  These must have been so beautiful to open up brand new!

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