Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Spooled Up

Recently I was making yards and yards of i-cord...long knitted cord made on 2 needles that can get so boring after awhile one puts it aside and starts wondering if there is an easier way.  Isn't that the bane of our society?...constantly looking for a faster easier way?  I started looking at Knitting Nancies or spool knitting dolls on the internet.  Can't believe I don't own one...hence an excuse to go shopping.  Of course I didn't just want any ol' Knitting Nancy....I wanted "the cutest" spool doll....and I found it!

I ordered this little Djeco french knitting doll from Moolka , a European toy store here in the states.   Besides having all kinds of cute things making me wish I still had little ones, I think they are just about the only store in the US that carries this little french knitter.  It was reasonably priced and shipped quickly.  

Here is what you get when you open up the box.  The OH SO CUTE knitting doll, 3 colors of yarn and the instruction book...very neatly packaged.

We've had some snow days this week so what else can one do but play with knitting toys.  You wrap the yarn around each prong and use her scepter (not pictured but stores in the hole between her hands) to take the loops off her four pronged crown.  

Here is the cord she created....a nice sturdy cord.  I was thoroughly delighted with this toy...big boys have their toys and so do big girls!  It is well made and creates a nice end product.  While I do think I can pump out the i-cord quicker with my two needles watching TV,  this Djeco french knitting doll is a too fun to resist!


Paula said...


Your Queen is so cool. She reminds me of the cord knitting tools we use to have that were made out sewing wooden spools with nails as the "holders"

Lindsey Diffendaffer said...

so cool. i'm so impressed at your many crafty talents. i want to learn how to knit so bad! have you seen bla bla dolls? i'm kind of obsessed.