Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jelly making continues...

The blackberries have been prolific this year...hence the jelly making. The bushes line 2 sides of my raised vegetable to the the exact measurements I do not adds up to a bunch. The family doesn't like to eat the berries because of the seeds...I am the only one who will gobble as I pick. I have been picking every other day...I have frozen some, given some away but mostly making juice. With the juice I have made jelly using the Sure Jel recipe as mentioned before in my blog. It has worked out great.... I have also been buying a green tea at Trader Joe's that has a blueberry flavor and I also put some of the blackberry juice in it..I make a gallon at a time. It is really good!

I love these new Ball jars with the silver lids...very simple. I think I will have enough jelly to give as Christmas gifts and also keep us in PB J's for the whole school year : )

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